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Leaving the heart of Dixie for a new life deep in the heart of Texas

What do you think of when I say “Bless you out”?

You know…I always thought that Texas was ‘The South’ too…but I’m finding that things are definitely not the same here!

For one thing, I’ve never seen a state that likes itself so much. I love that about Texas. Everywhere you go here you see Texas art, Texas stars decorating things, Texas t-shirts and bumper stickers…it’s cool. Texans are proud to be who they are. In fact, my friend Mel sent me the t-shirt in the picture just so that I’d feel like an “official” Texan. It’s one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me, and I love it!


You don’t see this in Florida. I think it’s because Florida is really several different states. First, there’s Northwest Florida, which you will often hear me jokingly call “Lower Alabama.” And Northeast Florida is really more like Georgia. Then there’s Central Florida which seems to be full of transplants from the midwest. And lastly, there’s South Florida which is heavily populated by people from the Northeast, Cuba, and Haiti. So i think this has something to do with why Florida doesn’t have the same central identity that Texas has. I’m sure that there are PLENTY of regional differences in Texas…but it seems like all Texans love to identify as TEXAN.

Here’s one different thing I’ve noticed about Texas. Since I’ve been here I’ve visited a couple of churches. Now, I’ve been a Southern Baptist all of my life. So I decided maybe I needed to broaden my horizons and check out some churches outside of my Christianity box. At the end of the first service I went to, in the place where I was expecting the “benediction” or “closing prayer”, the pastor called up Brother So-and-So to come “Bless us out.”

OK…where I come from, that phrase means to fuss at someone (at least) or cuss them out (at worst). So for a split second I was expecting some kind of old school calling-out of Sister Myrtle from the pulpit for gossiping or something! But it wasn’t, of course – just a good prayer to close the service. I thought it was just a quirk of that particular pastor. But then…I visited another church, and at the end they said the same thing!

I don’t know if this is a Texas thing, or if it’s just something that’s become a buzzword type thing among some Christians? Have you ever heard the closing prayer referred to in this way?


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4 thoughts on “What do you think of when I say “Bless you out”?

  1. Mary Moses on said:

    Great Blog, Sherrin! I’ve lived in Texas all my life, and I’ve never heard that term, “Bless us out”. I like it though! It’s like saying”send us out with a blessing.” One of my favorite things about my church is the blessing at the end of the service. One of my favorite blessings my pastor often uses is this:
    The Lord Bless you and keep you.
    The Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto you.
    May God give you the grace to never sell yourself short.
    The grace to risk something big for something good.
    The grace to remember that the world is too small for anything but truth,
    and too dangerous for anything but love.
    So may God take your minds and think through them.
    May God take your lips and speak through them.
    May God take your hearts and set them on fire.

  2. YOu sound so happy! Glad to hear it.

    • Thanks, W! I miss you. I just haven’t been on Twitter much because I’ve been so busy getting settled and then the holidays came…It’s very nice to be close to my family and friends. I’m a lot happier. 🙂 I hope your Christmas was wonderful! Happy New Year!

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