Goin' Texan

Leaving the heart of Dixie for a new life deep in the heart of Texas


Someday there’s going to be a man. I believe that, because I believe that God gave a stranger a message for me. “It’s not too late,” he said. So until I hear different, I’m going to believe that there’s going to be a man.

Remember what you said to me, your servant –
I hang on to these words for dear life!
These words hold me up in bad times;
Yes, your promises rejuvenate me.
Psalm 119:49-50 (MSG)

He’s going to love my crazy, wild hair. He’s going to think my eyes are beautiful and he’ll reassure me that my nose isn’t too big. He’ll understand why I have a little too much skin, and he won’t care. He’s going to love to hear me sing, even if it’s just along with the radio. He’s going to like the clothes I wear, and he’ll think that my eccentric nail polish colors are cool.

He’s going to be the kind of man who understands that I don’t like to be talked to when I’m reading. He will know that some things are sacred: Doctor Who, my Coach bags, my taste in cars, and my cat. He won’t think pedicure dates with girlfriends are a waste of money. He’ll think it’s funny that I always mess up the punchline of a joke.

He is going to be interested in who I am on the inside. He’ll be curious about what makes me tick. He will want to find out why I can stand up and sing in front of hundreds of people, but I can’t walk into a room full of strangers without wanting to panic. He’ll be patient with me as I transform my self doubt into the self confidence that comes from being the woman God created me to be.

He’s going to know the difference between your and you’re. He’ll read my blog posts, even if he thinks they’re silly. He won’t mind that I don’t really care about cooking, but he’ll love that I can bake up a storm. He won’t even get mad at me when I leave my shoes in the middle of the floor. I’m also praying he won’t mind cleaning the bathroom.

He’s going to love my kindness, even though people will take advantage of me for it. He won’t mind helping me paint the bedroom because he’ll know that I like for things to be pretty. When I cry, he’ll comfort me. When I’m sick, he’ll bring me Tylenol and tell me to take a nap. He’s going to make me laugh so hard I snort. He’ll understand that sometimes a girl just wants to dress up and go out to dinner.

For us, Christmas will be the time for traditions and music and making things sparkle. Sundays will be for church, fried chicken, and naps. We’ll go to ball games and concerts. We’ll work in the yard together – he’ll mow the grass and I’ll plant the flowers. He’ll hold my hand when he drives.

Maybe he’ll even send me flowers sometimes, just because I love them so much.

My man is going to love Jesus. He’s going to pray for me. He’s going to have a bible, and it’s going to be well worn. He’s going to treasure me as a pearl beyond price. He’ll protect and defend me. He’ll tell me I’m beautiful. He’ll love me as Christ loves the church. He’ll love the way I love him back.

I believe it’ll happen one day. Until then I’ll patiently wait.


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