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The graduate and the birthday boy…

In my previous post I talked about my first sweet little nephew. I’m blessed to have two more who are equally as adorable. I wish I had awesome digital photos of them as little ones, but here is a photo-of-a-photo of them…it doesn’t do their cuteness justice!

They’re 14 months apart. So close in age, in fact, that there was a time when people thought they were fraternal twins. In the family we always referred to them as “the babies” – I still do sometimes, even though they’re now almost-17 and 18, and they’re both over six feet. They’ve always been super close, which I love.

There they are, a little older, at Christmas time about 12 years ago. My brother-in-law had built a bonfire in their pasture that night; that’s why we’re all bundled up. My parents were there, and it was one of my mom’s last Christmases. Those are fun memories – I’m glad we were all together!

And just like that they’re all grown up! My family spent Memorial Day week here in Pensacola. Since Jacob just graduated from high school and Jared will turn 17 later this month, I decided to get a cake to celebrate with. (Nowadays you give kids money, which is an appreciated gift, it’s just not very fun to open. Cake would add fun.)
Between the cake eating, the Krispy Kreme visits, the beach, the board games, and climbing the lighthouse, I got reacquainted with these amazing young men. I hate that I only get to see them a few times a year. I realized again just how thoughtful, funny, and intelligent these guys are. They’re so much fun to be around. I kind of hate to see The Babies grow up, but I’m so proud of the young men they’re becoming!



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2 thoughts on “The graduate and the birthday boy…

  1. I am so proud of our babies! All three of them are wonderful. We are blessed, sissy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts about them…makes my heart swell!

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